Keeping The Legacy of Joanna Toole Alive

Keeping The Legacy of Joanna Toole Alive

On World Oceans Day 2020, Joanna Toole Foundation was officially launched. A foundation established in memory of Joanna Toole, who was a passionate advocate for the protection of all animals. Her achievements during her short career greatly reduced animal suffering and death around the world, and her legacy is being kept alive through the works of the foundation.

One of these works include the Joanna Toole Annual Ghost Gear Solutions Award, an award given to the most deserving projects aiming to tackle abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gears, also known as ghost gears.

We emerged the second winners and received a grant funding for our Fishing Net Gains Nigeria project which is aimed at engaging local fishing communities on the best practices for reducing ghost gear through prevention, mitigation and cure of ALDFGs. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity presented by the Joanna Toole Foundation and are hopeful that our ongoing project would help keep Jo’s legacy alive.


Entries for the Joanna Toole Global Ghost Gear Solutions Grant Award is ongoing : an award set up in partnership with Ocean Conservancy and World Animal Protection.

We encourage everyone that has a project to protect animal welfare to apply for support via Joanna Toole Foundation as we continue to carry on the legacy Jo was keen on building.

For more information regarding this , you can visit their website on or follow them on twitter @JoannaTooleFdn.

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