My SOFER Experience (celebrating SOFER Initiative @11)

My SOFER Experience (celebrating SOFER Initiative @11)

This article is about my experience with an organization that is committed to raising environmental awareness and through innovative programs, advocate for attitudinal change. Permit me to be a bit personal.

My story goes this way: two years before I directly got involved with SOFER Initiative, I had heard about the organization and the amazing work they were doing in some of the states in the Southern region of Nigeria.

So, it happened on the 12th of July, a friend sent me a flyer of an advert by this organization (SOFER Initiative) with the following advice “Apply for Research and Development”. I jumped at the opportunity, and applied, but what really caught my interest was the manner in which the selection process was conducted. I saw excellence and competence at peak level.

So, I have been with SOFER for a few months and have gained a truck load of knowledge and experience.

The first eye opener has been that we (Nigerians) do not need to wait anymore for whatever changes we envisage;we can get to work to effect these changes we seek.

Working as a research person in SOFER has widened my scope of thinking, too. Reading has become a really enjoyable culture, as the project and projected impacts have been just so fascinating.

The Fishing Net Gains Project (the current project of the organization), which is concerned with the effects of Abandoned, Lost or otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear (ALDFG) to the marine environment, is able to breed much interest in anyone who is fascinated by our ecosystem. The fact that I am involved in solving such a global problem of gives me so much joy!

On one of our field activities to Costain, a community along the Escravos river in Delta State, Nigeria, I could see first hand the threats posed by ALDFG, the serious effects of marine pollution, and the dire need for environmental awareness across all stratas of human existence.

During this trip, I had the opportunity to interact one-on-one with artisanal fishers and also see the true beauty that lies in the warmth of the Nigerian coastal Community. The food tasted great, too, I must include on a lighter note.

At SOFER I work alongside a team of fellow young people who are, first, driven by an urge to make an impact before anything else. The work environment is healthy, safe and friendly. Also Having a leader and Chief Volunteer like Mr Emmanuel Sofa, the SOFER team keeps soaring higher and higher.

In summary, it’s been an amazing experience being a part of SOFER Initiative.


…Written by Edidiong Johnson…

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