Emmanuel Sofa

Founder / Executive Director of SOFER Initiative

Emmanuel Sofa is the Founder and Executive Director of Stand Out For Environment Restoration (SOFER) Initiative. His sound background in aviation, intense passion for the environment, and his understanding of the nuances of leadership, youths and social change, informs his careful but highly competitive approach.

As a highly self-motivated and cheerful personality with a charisma that reflect and attracts great minds, he has won numerous personal awards including the United Nations Clean Seas Ambassador, Naija Diamonds Award, etc., Others are the Joanna Toole Ghost Gear Solutions Grant Award, the Sustainable Fisheries Solutions Retrieval Support Contribution Program (SFSRSCP) of the Department of Fisheries and ocean Canada, on behalf of the organization.

Emmanuel Sofa has successfully directed the excellent execution of the Fishing Net Gains project, one of its kind in the global solution to address marine plastics, especially ghost gears.