The Fishing HubNet

Fishing Net Gains West Africa Conference 2022

Craft Workshop & Items – Akassa, Bayelsa State

World Environment Day / Ghost Gear Craft Contest Celebration 2021

  • Bag n Slippers
  • Bag n Slippers
  • Costume Bag n Head wear
  • Doll Home Decor
  • Food Basket
  • Hand Bag
  • Home Decor
  • School Bag n Food Pack
  • Shot of Costume Bag
  • Storage Bag
  • Wall Home Decor
  • Wall Home Decor
  • Wall Home Decor
  • School Bag n Food Pack
  • Bag
  • Footmat
  • Baskets n Cup n Hat

Fishing Net Gains Craft Workshop – Repurposing Ghost Gears

SOFER Initiative 10th Anniversary Event Celebration Shots

Dive For Data (DFD) Worshop at Ibeno Community, Akwa Ibom, Nov. 2020

F-NGN Monitoring & Evaluation Gear Recovery at Akwa Ibom

Fishing Net Gains Nigeria Specials – HubNet & Net Recovery

Onshore Recovery at Uta Ewa Community, Ikot Abasi

Fishing Net Gains Nigeria Local Workshop at Ibeno LGA