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SOFER Initiative with Pinnaclean Nigeria Limited,  carried out the “Beat Air Pollution” campaign of the UN -WED 2019 in 4 Nigerian cities of Uyo, Zaria, Abuja, and Ikot Itok community, Ibesikpo. The campaign encouraged private individuals, and corporate organizations to beat air pollution by planting trees.

Airgent Campaign Zaria
Airgent Campaign Zaria

SOFER Initiative intends to make “AIRGENTS” an annual national project. This concept will be sold to schools by way of having them establish ECO clubs which willvserve as the platform for children and teenagers to carry out tree plantingvand related activities in their host communities and beyond.

Airgents Campaign - Kaduna
Airgents Campaign – Kaduna
Airgents - Ikot Itok, Ibesikpo
Airgents – Ikot Itok, Ibesikpo

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